All-Comic’s You Should Be Reading is the weekly list of comics we can’t wait to get our hands on. Each of our writers picks their most-anticipated comic for the upcoming week and sums up why it needs to be on your radar. Get your comic shop on the phone – here are our recommendations for May 22, 2019.

Assassin Nation by Kyle Starks, Erica Henderson and Deron Bennett

Josh: Kyle Starks and Erica Henderson are putting together one of this year’s most exciting books. Assassin Nation is consistently funny, emotional and clever. Genuinely, this story is willing to kill off just about anyone, even if their wildly interesting backstories were set up just a few pages ago. This issue, Starks and Henderson push our team of assassins further into danger. AKA, the already thrilling action layouts are about to get dialed up a notch. Any John Wick fan should be reading this comic.

Runaways #21 by Rainbow Rowell, Andres Genolet, Chris O’Halloran

Milo: Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka’s Runaways has been the best young team superhero book for a while now and #21 looks set to continue the fine form of this series. In what looks to be a Chase and Karolina-centric issue, Runaways continues to be a must read for anyone who’s read a superhero comic in the past and is every bit worth the admission fee with an always reliable creative team that never disappoints.

War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #2 by Matthew Rosenberg, Pere Perez, Rachelle Rosenberg and Travis Lanham

Jeremy: Tie -ins to events can be problematic, but the Uncanny X-Men mini has been pretty fun so far. It’s always nice to see the X-Men taking on other characters villains, and the frost giants are similar to sentinels size wise. Matthew Rosenberg’s run has been good, and this little mini is an extension of the tone and story.

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