All-Comic’s You Should Be Reading is the weekly list of comics we can’t wait to get our hands on. Each of our writers picks their most-anticipated comic for the upcoming week and sums up why it needs to be on your radar. Get your comic shop on the phone – here’s what you should be reading on November 13, 2019. This week, we’re looking at Black Hammer/Justice League #5, Event Leviathan #6 and Runaways #27.

black hammer/justice league #5Black Hammer/Justice League #5 by Jeff Lemire, Michael Walsh, Nate Peikos

Josh: As soon as it started, it’s already over. This final issue of the Dark Horse/DC crossover is, honestly, a sad one. With last issue, Lemire and Walsh dug into the world building even more, setting up lots of interesting puzzles for the team to solve, more importantly, gave us new ways to think about old characters. I really can’t explains how much I would love to see the Justice League stranded on Black Hammer farm by Lemire’s pen for a few more issues, especially with Walsh’s refreshing artstyle. This is a great series and, if you’re a fan of either team, a must read.


event leviathan #6Event Leviathan #6 by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Josh Reed

Jeremy: It all ends here folks. Last issue Superman came face to face with leviathan and the big reveal of their identity should be in this issue. Brian Michael Bendis has written a clever mini series about Superman, but he hasn’t really been that big of a presence in it. Lois lane has been developed well, and Bendis loves his side characters. This last issue should shape up to be a classic end to a great miniseries.



runaways #27Runaways #27 by Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, Walden Wong, Dee Cunniffe

Luke: After years of amateur heroics, the orphans of California’s greatest supervillains are finally getting their opportunity to be real, professional heroes. After getting called up into the big leagues in last month’s issue, the Run Aways are going on patrol with a professional. Let’s see how they handle the big leagues! Rainbow Rowell’s story has not had a down note yet and the art has been constantly great with its unique style and use of color.







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