In comparison to other IT certifications, the CISSP accreditation is different as it is very wide in its objectives & domains. It covers a broad range of topics that can equip you with the most upgraded knowledge of security concepts. Also, if you want to succeed in this CISSP test, you will need to use your past experience, which means unless you have an organized study plan and a clear timeline that you will use, it will be difficult for you to succeed in this (ISC)2 test.

Even though it might seem simple for you to answer a set of questions and get the passing score, the reality is quite different. The truth is that there is no shortcut that you can use to pass this exam successfully. Thus, we have created this guide to help you become and knock down your competition.

Detailed Study Plan to Pass CISSP Assessment

As we already mentioned, there are 8 topics that you need to study proficiently if you want to become Visit Website Home  . Through them, you will need to get a good knowledge of different security concepts and theories, which may seem quite impossible. This means that you will need a detailed study plan if you want to understand all studied topics and get a good score in the real test. A successful study guide should include a clear timeline, different types of preparation materials, a training methodology, and a practicing method of your choice.

Now that you know how to build your study guide, it is time to know more about the steps to follow to be successful in your ISC CISSP Certification . Follow the phases below and get ready to get a good passing score in this test:

  • Thoroughly read the exam topics and requirements. Also, an efficient strategy is to read the study books’ covers from the beginning until the end. Even though most of the concepts might seem very difficult, it is important to keep reading as this exercise will help you familiarize yourself with the notions that you will study later. Think of it as if you are reading your favourite novel and try to note down the biggest chapters that you will have to go through in your study routine.
  • Depending on the number of domains that you will need to study, you should split your time so that your effort remains consistent. For example, if you decide to study 4 topics in one week, you should stick to this timeline no matter what. Also, you should pay attention to all concepts you are studying. If you don’t understand something, you can also google those notions and try to get more knowledge from different sources. Online training or live classes will help you clarify all questions that you might have on the studied topics.
  • Once you finalize the process of going through all topics, your work is not over. You should go through all the training materials again and try to talk about each notion as you would explain it to a friend who doesn’t know anything about the Certbolt (ISC)2 CISSP exam. This step will add at least one more week to your preparation schedule.
  • Even though you finished reading all books and study guides with information for the CISSP test, your training is not over. The next step consists of practicing for the real exam. Official practice tests should be your ally in this case. They will help you get used to the assessment structure and difficulty. Thus, when the test day comes, you will have no surprise or emotions as you will know exactly what to expect Download Here .
  • The success in your CISSP test is more than studying. As we said in the previous point you will need to practice a lot and try to get as much practical knowledge as possible. Use as many CISSP practice questions as possible and review the wrong answers before deciding to take the real exam. If you don’t get a passing score while doing these questions, chances are that you won’t pass the test from the first attempt either.
  • Watching videos on YouTube and getting active on community forums will also be of great help. The videos will give you more practical experience on how to solve different security issues. Thus, before answering the most difficult questions on the exam day, you will think of the answer from a practical perspective first. Also, community forums are very useful as they will help you learn more about what other candidates are doing and how they are studying for this exam. You might also get in touch with successful test-passers who can share helpful tips and tricks on how to survive through this CISSP assessment.
  • Before you register for your (ISC)2 CISSP exam, you should allow yourself one more week to review the topics where you feel you need to study more. As the exam is quite tough and you will need to master the security topics very well, it is always a good idea to review the concepts that you didn’t understand easily from the beginning. This strategy will help you consolidate your knowledge of different security topics and increase your chances to get a high passing score from the first try.


The CISSP certification can be your lottery ticket for leveraging your career and get promoted. Even though its related assessment is quite complicated, you should keep in mind that if you manage to become certified, you will be part of a special category of people. Not everyone manages to become CISSP certified. So, you should be very organized in your training routine and stick to your schedule. The steps mentioned above will be of great help and will assist you in securing a successful score in your CISSP test.

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