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Coming 11/18, we are excited to bring you PIROUETTE written by M.L. Miller (Gravetrancers) and illustrated by Carlos Granda (Calexit: San Diego).
A lyrical, emotional, terrifying tale of a young woman coming of age in a crime family with painted faces.

“I loved Pirouette! It’s hard to think up a more story-friendly setting than an old-timey circus and M.L. Miller and Carlos Granda make the most of it!”
-Charles Soule (Star Wars, Daredevil)


written by M.L. Miller
illustrated by Carlos Granda
colored by Champe Ramirez
lettered by Jim Campbell

$16.99 | full color | 124 pages

On Sale 11.18.20

“A comic unlike anything you’ve ever read before!”
-Zac Thompson (X-Men Black, The Dregs, Undone By Blood)

Synopsis: Raised from infancy by duplicitous clowns who entertain by day and menace by night, Pirouette dreams of washing the paint from her face and escaping to a better life far away from her cruel adoptive circus family… because when the spotlights dim and the crowd disperses, the clown princess’ big-top dreams give way to a nightmarish world of monsters with painted smiles.

“Circuses have always scared me and now M.L. Miller and Carlos Granda have done a book that scares me in a different way, it is SCARY GREAT!!!”
-Geoff Darrow (Shaolin Cowboy, Hard Boiled)

M.L. Miller spins Pirouette with authentic darkness and depth of character, while Carlos Granda’s sweeping, exuberant line art evokes all the exotic charm and mysterious gloom of Pirouette’s shadowy big top.

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