Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, JP Mayer, and Mattia Iacono

Daredevil has been preparing for quite some time for his big trial and with time running out, Matt must figure out if the recent appearance of his “brother” Mike will be a hindrance or benefit to his case. Matt is not the only one preparing though as Wilson Fisk forms a possible alliance with Typhoid Mary, whose goals are still uncertain. Daredevil #24 finally brings the trial of Daredevil, will it be short and quick or will this trial be a long ordeal for the man without fear?

We are getting to a point now in a series where most writers would begin to run out of ideas and start jumping the shark when it comes to story points. Instead, Chip Zdarsky continuously gives up new and interesting scenarios to see Daredevil in. The great thing about Daredevil under Zdarsky’s run is that the story has slowly evolved over time while having a tight focus on events playing into their logical conclusions. Without going into spoilers, the way Matt makes decisions about how he wants his defense to go about his case stays true to how his character thinks. That being said, Matt does not get to luck his way out of decisions that are undeniably bad for his case and reality will undoubtedly hit him hard in the next issue for the decisions he has made in this issue. With the end of this issue, the reader will surely be not only surprised but confused as to how the story will progress from here.

The art team present for Daredevil #24 does a good job of presenting the material, though it is sad to not see Checchetto for this issue. This issue is entirely story driven and there is not much chance to see some action. The art team counterbalances this by making sure each shot of Daredevil going from rooftop to rooftop looks exciting and dynamic. The next aspect of the art that can be praised is how the characters are particularly expressive and really convey their emotions well. Something that would have been great to see more of would have been some more establishing shots for the various scenes. We get one in which Daredevil is on top of a water tower with “Hell’s Kitchen” graffitied over it, but that is the only time we get to see a page like that. This is unfortunate because the water tower shot is easily the best looking page in this book.

Daredevil #24 presents a particular interesting turning point in Matt’s story and can progress in either a fascinating and unique direction or this could be the point where the story falls apart. It seems that Matt’s identity will still be intact come the next issue which begs the question of how someone in that position could possibly be allowed to keep their identity. It will be hard to justify Daredevil keeping his secret identity, but if any author has proven himself up for the challenge then Chip Zdarsky will surely deliver.

8.0 10


Daredevil #24

Daredevil #24 is a good progression to the story and presents an interesting ending.

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