Story by Kinosuke Naito

Art by Yasuyilo Tsurugi

Character Design by Yasumo

Translated by Kristi Fernandez

The isekai genre is everywhere these days, and it’s safe to say that its popularity won’t be losing steam. That said, even with the genre’s saturation, there are still plenty of interesting isekai titles that are being released. Farming Life in Another World is one such manga that takes the trope  and spins it on its head, crafting a subdued yet satisfying series.

After living a cruel life, Hiraku Machio is sent before God and is given a chance to be revived in a new world. With a new body that can never fall ill and a magic tool, Hiraku decides to become a farmer in a land with few people, and sets out to experience a fulfilling life.

The opening chapters of the Farming Life in Another World are a surprising change of pace. The area that Hiraku is sent to appears isolated, leaving him to learn about his new world through personal experience. Seeing Hiraku search for essential resources and construct his home from scratch eases you into the series’ unknown environment, while also acclimating you to Hiraku as a protagonist.

While more traditional fantasy elements are incorporated into the story, they don’t take away from the series’ laid back tone. Hiraku interacts with magical creatures and other humanoid species in his new life, but none of it is treated as dramatic. This is especially evident with the introduction of Ru and her allies, who Hiraku allows onto his land with little objection. This manga focuses on the mundane aspects of its world, but it excels at doing so.

Like its premise, Farming Life in Another World’s artwork is pretty straightforward. The character designs have a simple look that helps them fit with the more lighthearted tone of the series. Meanwhile, the backgrounds tend to be pretty minimal, focusing on the relevant parts of the environment. Some of the most interesting artwork is shown when Hiraku is designing his home and farmland, as the panels depict a diagram of the construction layout. It’s a nice touch that helps enrich the world building of the series, while providing further context to readers.

Farming Life in Another World is a fun and relaxing read that embraces the quieter aspects of a fantasy life. Hiraku’s adventures as a farmer are quite entertaining, and the manga’s focus on construction and survival helps it stand out. Give this series a look at your next manga harvest.

7.0 10

Really Enjoyed It

Farming Life in Another World, Volume 1

Farming Life in Another World is a fun and relaxing read that embraces the quieter aspects of a fantasy life.


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