Week of July 13:


  • Monday July 13:
    • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #11
      • Fight of a Lifetime” by Robert Venditti, Gleb Melkinov, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles
        • A powerful warrior from space arrives to Earth with the sole purpose of fighting the Man of Steel himself. Can Superman defeat Grikus, the champion of 10,000 battles?


  • Tuesday July 14:
    • Batman: Gotham Nights #13
      • Nothing 2 See Here…” by Michael Grey, Carlos D’Anda, Luis Guerrero and Ryan Christy.
        • Damian Wayne, the most powerful adversary crime has ever known, sits alone in the Batcave, twiddling his thumbs. Where is Batman? Why won’t he allow Robin to help? And most importantly, why has he left Damian to die of boredom?
      • Incorruptable Force” by Scott Bryan Wilson, Christopher Mooneyham, Ivan Plascencia and DC Hopkins
        • Two-Face and Commissioner Gordon walk into a bar. When old grudges are resurrected and new plots are revealed, it’s a coin toss as to who walks out.


  • Wednesday July 15:
    • Harley Quinn: Make ‘em Laugh #3
      • Escape Therapy” by Mark Russell, Laura Braga, Luis Guerrero and Marshall Dillon
        • Therapist extraordinaire Harley Quinn has been knocking it out of the park while helping Gotham’s criminal element navigate their psychological burdens. But not everyone shares her dedication to the mental health, and now Harley and her patients are stuck in Arkham Asylum with a robot who doesn’t make coffee and no way out!


  • Thursday July 16:
    • Titans: Titans Together #4
      • Career Day” by Phil Hester, Skott Koblish, John Kalisz and Marshall Dillon
        • When Wonder Girl, Starfire, and Raven give a presentation at a local high school, they’re confronted by a student with an ax to grind against the Titans. Raven is compelled to investigate, and they learn this teenager’s grievances might run deeper than they thought…


  • Friday July 17:
    • Shazam: Lightning Strikes #1
      • Home Quest” by Dan Jurgens, Travis Moore, Nick Filardi and Marshall Dillon. Cover by Evan “Doc” Shaner.
        • A class trip to an exhibit on Ancient Egypt goes all wrong when Billy tries to set a bragging classmate straight. Now they’ll have to work together to help a lost spirit find its way home!

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