Week of July 6:


  • Monday July 6:
    • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #10
      • Pro-Lobo” by Dave Wielgosz, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia and Tom Napolitano
        • The Main Man himself, Lobo, has come to Earth chasing a bounty, but Superman thinks Lobo is just hurting the little creature. Will Superman put a stop to Lobo, or does the alien have other plans?
      • The Champion” by Michael Moreci, Thony Silas, Wil Quintana and Clayton Cowles
        • Superman wakes up in chains and doesn’t know where he is. He’ll need to put the pieces together quickly if he’s to survive a brutal bout in this gladiator arena!


  • Tuesday July 7:
    • Batman: Gotham Nights #12
      • Five Little Robins” by Tim Seeley, V. Ken Marion, Sandu FLorea, Andrew Dalhouse and Troy Peteri
        • Every current and former Robin has been captured by a mysterious villain! Will these distinctly different students of Batman be able to stand each other long enough to fight off a horde of their greatest enemies?


  • Wednesday July 8:
    • Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #9
      • Obsession Aggression” by Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Hendry Prasetya, Hi-Fi and Travis Lanham
        • Wonder Woman’s been ambushed! After receiving a house from the will of a person she’s never met, Wonder Woman must investigate, but finds a house of horrors out to kill her! Who’s done this and can Wonder Woman survive the onslaught?


  • Thursday July 9:
    • Titans: Titans Together #3
      • What’s ‘Normal’” by Marc Guggenheim, Steve Pugh, Mike Spicer and Marshall Dillon
        • A charismatic cult leader has been recruiting followers to join his “church,” a highly suspicious organization locked behind the walls of a private compound. For Raven, freeing this vulnerable flock is imperative…the question is, how can she save people who don’t want to be saved?
      • Cool and HIPAA” by Andrew Aydin, Juan Gedeon, Mike Spicer and Marshall Dillon
        • When reports surface that LexCorp has gained access to confidential government health records, Raven realizes that this could mean the unmasking of countless superheroes. With Beast Boy’s help, she must infiltrate LexCorp’s private servers and destroy the information before it falls into the wrong hands.


  • Friday July 10:
    • Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #10
      • Bullet” by Van Jensen, David Lafuente, Paul Mounts and Rob Leigh
        • It’s an all-out brawl between Reverse Flash and Flash as Barry tries to save a cop from an errant bullet. Will the Flash be fast enough to stop a bullet?
      • Burnout” by Dave Wielgosz, Brad Walker, Nathan Fairbairn and Rob Leigh
        • Barry is running himself ragged, and his best friend Hal Jordan comes to check on him, but Flash doesn’t want the help. When the Top goes on a rampage, can the two friends put their differences aside to work together?


  • Saturday July 11:
    • Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Inc. #3
      • Scooby’s Last Rep” by Scott Gross, Franco Riesco and Saida Temofonte
        • A mysterious giant is bringing chaos to a local gym. Can Scooby and the gang stop him and save the day?


  • Sunday July 12:
    • Our Fighting Forces #1
      • House Call” by Priest, Christopher Mooneyham, Ivan Plascencia and Willie Schubert (cover by Mikel Janín)
        • A cable news reporter embedded with a mysterious U.S. Army tactical unit tries to figure out which one of the team’s members is the immortal covert operative code-named the Unknown Soldier—and discovers much more than she bargained for!

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