Week of June 22:


  • Monday June 22:
    • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #8
      • Obituary” by Van Jensen, Nick Robles, Dave Stewart and Clayton Cowles
        • It’s a slow news day, and Clark’s been assigned obituary duty, but how can he write one for Superman?
      • Deadline” by Van Jensen, Andie Tong, Will Quintana and Clayton Cowles
        • Clark’s on a tight deadline covering a politician’s election campaign, but can he meet his deadline and expose the truth when he learns the politician is up to nefarious deeds?

  • Tuesday June 23:
    • Batman: Gotham Nights #10
      • The Scent of Scorn” by John Arcudi, Andy Clarke, Dave Stewart and Marshall Dillon
        • The murder of a Gotham socialite sends Batman on a wild hunt to find the killer, but his most dangerous foes may not be the human ones…

  • Wednesday June 24:
    • Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #7
      • With Friends Like These” by Andrea Shea, Meghan Hetrick, Arif Prianto and Travis Lanham
        • Etta Candy is captured leading a mission for A.R.G.U.S. in Russia! Can Etta sway one of her captors to her side and secure the package or will this be the end of Agent Candy?!

  • Thursday June 25:
    • Titans: Titans Together #1
      • History Lessons” by Phil Hester, Scott Koblish, Tom Grummett, John Kalisz and Marshall Dillon
        • When one of Raven’s college professors goes missing, Nightwing is convinced the Titans should investigate. But the danger they uncover is far greater than one missing person—the fate of humanity is at stake, and only Beast Boy can save the day!

  • Friday June 26:
    • From Beyond the Unknown #1
      • In Gloom” by Dave Wielgosz, Kenneth Rocafort, Daniel Brown and Zakk Samm
        • Green Lantern Hal Jordan is responsible for policing all of Space Sector 2814, but more often than not his attention is on his home planet, Earth. When the alien bounty hunter Bolphunga crashes to Earth pursued by a team of murderous vigilantes, Hal learns the truth: these rebels have taken justice into their own hands, and Hal himself has been found guilty!

  • Saturday June 27:
    • Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Inc. #1
      • Snack Attacked!” by Ivan Cohen, Dario Brizuela, Franco Riesco and Saida Temofonte
        • Scooby and the gang must stop a group of monsters from shutting down the Scooby Snacks factory.


  • Sunday June 28:
    • Ghosts #1
      • Shop of Nightmares” by Dan Jurgens, Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, Hi-Fi, and Travis Lanham
        • Jim Corrigan tackles what appears to be a run-of-the-mill murder investigation, but when he discovers the supernatural is at play, it becomes a job for the Spectre.

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