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Final Fantasy VII has been beloved in the gaming community for decades, and its influence in the RPG genre can be seen far and wide. So when Final Fantasy VII Remake released earlier this year, it was a huge event that brought in new and old fans. Still, a series like Final Fantasy can sometimes feel intimidating, and that’s where Square Enix Manga & Books have come to the rescue. Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview serves as a primer to the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake, formally introducing folks to its characters, environments, and mechanics.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview is a fairly straightforward read. The book has three primary sections: Character Preview, Location Preview, and Systems Preview. The Character Preview section goes over the core cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake, delving into their backstories and core character traits. You get a good idea of each character’s role in the larger narrative, and it helps provide a better idea of the game’s overall tone. The book also provides a timeline of the events that take place prior to the game’s main story. While this is by no means required to play the game, it provides further context to Final Fantasy VII Remake’s world and is a nice addition for long-time fans. The Location Preview showcases the areas that you will visit within the game. You can see the meticulous detail that was placed into designing the various game areas, as well as the stunning visual experience that it creates. Each location also comes with an in-depth description that explains the purpose of the area in the game’s context. The Systems Preview section goes into the core mechanics of Final Fantasy VII Remake, explaining the battle system and abilities that players will use. The movesets of each character are showcased too, demonstrating the unique skills of each party member.

Between each of three main three sections, there is also a brief retrospective comparing the different aspects of Final Fantasy VII Remake to the original game. A lot has been changed and modernized for this remake, so getting a side-by-side comparison helps explain these differences. Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview emphasizes that Final Fantasy VII Remake is not a mere recreation of Final Fantasy VII but a reimagining of its iconic world.

An additional goodie in this book is the short story Picturing the Past, which connects to the childhood of the main cast member Aerith. Interestingly, the story doesn’t focus on Aerith herself, but instead on one of her childhood friends. The story’s protagonist tries to investigate the death of a former worker of the Shinra Electric Power Company, while also coming to terms with his own regrets. This story doesn’t add much narrative significance to Final Fantasy VII Remake, but learning about the friendship between the protagonist and Aerith is quite compelling, and it’s easy to get invested in his journey. Regardless of whether you’re a diehard Final Fantasy VII fan, this is certainly worth a read.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview is a solid introduction for those interested in the game, and a nice pickup for Final Fantasy collectors. The book provides a broad showcase of Final Fantasy VII Remake that highlights its appealing qualities, and why readers should give it a chance. Before your journey through Midgar, consider giving this a look.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview

Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview is a solid introduction for those interested in the game, and a nice pickup for Final Fantasy collectors.


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