Benjamin Percy, Viktor Bogdanovic and Matthew Wilson

X-Force #13 picks up where Wolverine #6 left off. Wolverine has gone to hell to get a sword made from Muramasa. Unfortunately for him, Solem has also come to get the blade. X of Swords is starting to take shape as we begin to see who are champions are and how they are getting their blades. Marvel is taking a slow approach with the build up for this event, which explains why it’s 22 parts. That being said, there hasn’t been a bad issue in this cross over yet.

Benjamin Percy continues his quality work on X-Force as he gives us a story that gives us some depth to Wolverine, showing how far he will go and what he will risk for his people, and it also gives us some more insight into Solem, who steals the issue. Percy really shows off Solem’s personality this issue, and it’s a nice contrast to Wolverine. Where Logan is a more serious and no-nonsense character, Solem prefers to take things slightly less seriously. Due to his adamantium body, he feels more indestructible than Logan too. Percy has also planted the seed that Muramasa’s blades can cut through adamantium, so if Logan and Solem face off, and why wouldn’t they, there is a chance both can die. The issue wraps up, and as a reader, we want to see more between Solem and Wolverine, and I’m sure we will. Another good entry into the X-Force mythos by Percy.

The pencils this issue are handled by Vikto Bogdanovic with colors by Matthew Wilson. Bogdanovic’s pencils work well for this issue. He has a style that is dark and clean. Bogdanovic does some of his best work on the issue during the flashbacks featuring Solem. The colors by Matthew Wilson help out a lot as well, as he uses bright whites on the panels to go with the dark pencils. As the characters get further into hell, there is a lot of shading and bright red backgrounds. The creatures that Bogdanovic draws and Wilson colors look just like you would imagine for hell beasts. Overall, the art in this issue is a huge boost to the script.

The more the X of Swords storyline moves on, the more interesting it gets. Line wide cross overs can be tricky because there are multiple writers involved, but so far everything has been great. Benjamin Percy delivers another entertaining script that should build a following for Solem. The pencils and colors were dark and moody, which is exactly what you would expect from a story in hell. X-Force #13 is a must own for Wolverine fans.

8.0 10


X-Force #13

X-Force #13 is a must own for Wolverine fans.

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