The Misty & Scream! Special is a brand new 48-page horror anthology that is on shelves for the whole of October, as well as being available from the Treasury of British Comics webshop and the 2000 AD app.

Misty and Scream! were a perfect duo of incredibly influential British horror anthology comics from the 1980s – Misty was full of supernatural takes on traditional girls’ comics while the short-lived Scream! was home to popular series such as The Thirteenth Floor and The Dracula File.

This new 48-page anthology is stuffed with brand new stories that follow on that impressive legacy but also aim to create a new generation from British horror fans!

There are old favourites from Scream! such as The Dracula File by Cavan Scott (Doctor Who) and Vincenzo Riccardi (Dragonero); the devilish World War One air ace Black Max and his giant bats (no, really) by Kek-W (The Fall of Deadworld) and Simon Coleby (The Royals); and the Red-Sonja-drawn-by-Alex-Toth-and-Barry-Windsor-Smith enigma that is Black Beth by Alec Worley (Judge Dredd) and DaNi (Coffin Bound).

Plus it’s great to well fresh new talent teams on one-and-done stories Thief of Senses by Maura McHugh (Judge Anderson) and Robin Henley (2000 AD Talent Search winner); Bumps in the Night by Olivia Hicks (Grand Slam Romance) and John Lucas (Superman: The Man of Steel), and The Aegis by Kristyna Baczynski (Retrograde Orbit) and Mary Safro (Drugs & Wires).

The paperback edition of one of the key stories from Scream! is also out this month – The Dracula File!

The lord of the undead once again lands on the shores of Great Britain, but this time it’s the 1980s and he’s fleeing vampire hunters from behind the Iron Curtain! With a healthy dose of Cold War paranoia and bags of atmosphere, Dracula is pursued by Romanian KGB officer Stakis, who defies his disbelieving superiors in his quest to destroy the unholy horror that has plagued the world for centuries.

This is classic, old school B&W comics and the hardcover collection sold out quickly – it’s got legendary ideas man and Rogue Trooper co-creator Gerry Finley-Day and the master of atmospheric art Eric Bradbury at the helm. A great and affordable trade paperback for fans of classic horror, as well as parents looking for something kid-safe … but with an edge!

It’s available from all good book stores, as well as from online retailers such as Amazon, and the Treasury of British Comics.

The new collection of the brilliant horror series The Thirteenth Floor – featuring never-before-reprinted stories – is out in two weeks and if you’ve not encountered the homicidal computer Max before, then I really recommend you check these books out!

Perhaps the most fondly remembered of all the strips to originate in the short-lived British horror weekly Scream!, The Thirteenth Floor was created by John Wagner and Alan Grant, with spookily atmospheric art from José Ortiz. Max is an artificial intelligence created to be superintendent of council tower block Maxwell Tower, who sends humans he doesn’t like to his nightmarish thirteenth floor.

But after being exposed as a killer, Maxis is shut down and sold off to fancy Oxford Street department store, Pringles – giving him a new hunting ground of shop-lifters, obnoxious customers and even secret agents!

The collection is available to order from book stores, Amazon and the Treasury of British Comics webshop.

There are also the three volumes of classic horror stories collected from the pages of Misty, which are available from

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