By Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Leonard Kirk, and Rachelle Rosenberg

Last year Phillip Kennedy Johnson and company brought us Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, a new version of the Marvel Zombies series with plenty of new twists. The same team returns now for Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 to continue the story. The previous one-shot left the world in crisis as a zombified Galactus was on a collision course with Earth, filled with zombified heroes. It is up to Spider-Man to keep the children of Sue and Reed Richards safe while caring for others along the way. The issue jumps back and forward in time, with the initial outbreak to years later with the survivors living as scavengers and the Reed children obsessed with the idea of developing a cure. As with the original Marvel Zombies: Resurrection one-shot, there is stiff competition in regards to the zombified superhero genre and while comparing the two may be unfair, it will certainly be on the minds of readers who are reading both series.

Phillip Kennedy Johnson takes the helm of writing Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 and does a fine job with it. The story certainly feels different from previous incarnations of the Marvel Zombies franchise while keeping some core elements. For instance, the zombies are intelligent enough to be able to speak while being unable to control their hunger. Even though the zombies are similar, they definitely have their own personality quirks that make them feel different. The zombies in this series have a sort of cult-like mentality and even have their own followers, deadheads, that they use as thralls to get them people to eat. There are some small issues with the world building being given in exposition, such as Forge and Peter explaining to Val what “deadheads” are despite Val always being with Peter and would presumably know what Peter knows. Overall the story has some interesting plot points established that the reader will be interested in finding out how they are resolved to keep them buying into this series.

The art in Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 is done by Leonard Kirk and Rachelle Rosenberg. The issue has a consistent tone of cool blues and greens with red and yellow accents serving as costumes, blood, or energy effects to make them stand out. The art team does a good job in making the world look apocalyptic, the characters grimy and dirty from years scavenging. A nice touch they added was in the weaponry provided by Forge who has repurposed the hands and head of some heroes into their guns. The gun powered by Cyclops’ head is even used as a prop for a tender moment as it is left discarded by Peter. The only complaints that can be made for the art in this issue is that it can be unclear at times. The most prominent example being the object Peter uses to decapitate a zombie being hard to decipher.

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 is overall a fine issue and should be picked up if one is craving more stories based on zombified heroes. If that isn’t an itch that needs to be scratched for you at the moment, then you can likely pass on this.

6.0 10

A fine first issue, if you are into the zombified superhero genre.

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 is overall a fine issue and should be picked up if one is craving more stories based on zombified heroes

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