By Ed Brisson, Marco Failla and Carlos Lopez

This week New Mutants takes the opportunity to shine the light on the horrible practice of doxing someone. For those who are unaware, doxing is when you broadcast a person’s personal information, like their address, on-line so crazy people know where they live. This is something that can be very dangerous and has resulted in harassment or worse. Ed Brisson writes the issue this week with some very strong social commentary, especially in this day and age.

Ed Brisson uses the trio of Magik, Glob and Mirage to tackle a company called Dox. In this universe, Dox is a company that broadcasts addresses and names of mutants. Because of what Dox has done, mutants have died, been put into comas or been paralyzed. Brisson uses Magik as the hot head of the group, and realistically, all three of them should be angry and heated over this. Brisson alsosays that Dox is responsible for the events that led up to Beak’s parents being killed. This issue and set up work because Brisson portrays the employees and owner of Dox as scared little cowards, which Doxers usually are. The owner has his employees pull out their phones to try to get the mutants in a “gotcha” moment to prove his point of mutants being violent. What Brisson writes in this issue is very relatable. Doxing is responsible for a lot of hatred and violence in the world. Imagine being a group of people like mutants who are already disliked and having someone trying to hurt you further. Brisson more than justifies why Magik and company are right for doing what they’ve done. Sometimes trolls just need to be shut down, and that’s exactly what the mutants did.

The pencils this issue are handled by Marco Failla with colors by Carlos Lopez. Failla’s art is very clean this issue. His work looks like something you may see on a Saturday morning cartoon, which is cool. Glob is always a tough character to draw because you see all of his bones, but Failla’s Glob looks great. The colors by Carlos Lopez are very complimentary to Failla’s pencils. Lopez’s colors add the vibrant element to the pencils that make them leap off the page. The colors are bright without being too bright. Glob is a tame pink instead of a super bright pink that you constantly keep looking at. There is good shading around Mirage when she’s in the office under dimmer fluorescent lights. Overall, the art for the issue was good and fit the style of the book.

This is perhaps one of the more important issue of New Mutants since the relaunch. Dealing with bullies, on line or in real life is something that everyone has to deal with at one point or another. How you handle that situation is very important. Ed Brisson knows and loves these character and it shows in his writing. The pencils and colors worked and looked very good on the page. New Mutants is a sensational book.

8.0 10


New Mutants #12

Ed Brisson knows and loves these character and it shows in his writing.

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