Tynion and March Deliver the Penultimate Chapter to “Their Dark Designs” and Continue to Plant Seeds for “The Joker War” in Batman #92 on-sale June 9


Snyder and Capullo Get the Band Back Together for More Head-Banging Fun as Dark Nights: Death Metal Debuts on-sale June 16


Original Young Adult and Middle Grade Graphic Novels Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed, You Brought Me the Ocean and Primer Also New for June


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Heading into Summer, DC’s ready to turn up the heat with more New Comic Book Tuesday titles heading to open and operating stores across the U.S. and Canada. This title lineup includes the debut of two of the most hotly anticipated events of 2020.


On June 9, writer James Tynion IV and artist Guillem March take readers into the home stretch of their debut story arc featuring the Dark Knight. The greatest heist in history is underway in Gotham City, courtesy of the mysterious crimemaster known as the Designer! Batman knows what he needs to do, but in order to stop the plot, he must first escape the most ingenious death trap the Riddler has ever devised!


On June 16, it’s time to tune up your axes and crank the noise up to 11, as the fan favorite team of writer Scott Snyder, artists Greg Capullo, FCO Plascencia and Jonathan Glapion take the stage for the debut issue of Dark Nights: Death Metal. In this earth-shattering encore, the Earth is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse and the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Humanity struggles to survive in a hellish landscape twisted beyond recognition, while Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have all been separated and fight for their survival as well as the fate of humanity.


Also set for June is the debut of three new middle grade and young adult original graphic novels from DC’s Books for Young Readers program: Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed, a timely exploration of the refugee experience and activism on June 2, You Brought Me the Ocean, a new coming-out romance set against the backdrop of the DC universe on June 9, and Primer, which introduces a brand new superhero with a colorful array of powers on June 23.


June is also full of more new comic books and collected editions featuring the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, check out the list below (also available same day digitally at participating stores and digital platforms):


Tuesday, June 2:

New Comic Books:

  • Action Comics #1022
  • Batman/Superman #9
  • Birds of Prey #1
  • Catwoman #22
  • Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
  • Detective Comics #1022
  • Event Leviathan: Checkmate #1
  • Far Sector #6
  • John Constantine: Hellblazer #6
  • Justice League Dark #22
  • The Last God Sourcebook: Tales from the Book of Ages #1
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #104
  • Shazam! #12
  • Swamp Thing Giant #4
  • Wonder Woman #756


New Original Graphic Novels/Collected Editions:

  • Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed (OGN)
  • Absolute Fourth World by Jack Kirby Vol. 1
  • DC Goes to War
  • Martian Manhunter: Identity
  • The Joker: 80 Years of The Clown Prince of Crime
  • The Terrifics Vol. 3: The God Game
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Just War
  • Young Justice Vol. 2: Lost in the Multiverse


Tuesday, June 9

New Comic Books:

  • Amethyst #3
  • Batman #92
  • Batman Secret Files #3
  • Batman: The Adventures Continue #1
  • The Batman’s Grave #7
  • DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #1
  • Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #7
  • The Flash #755
  • Harley Quinn #73
  • The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
  • Justice League #46
  • Justice League Odyssey #21
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #6
  • Lois Lane #11
  • Nightwing #71
  • Superman Giant #3


New Original Graphic Novels/Collected Editions:

  • You Brought Me the Ocean (OGN)
  • DC Poster Portfolio: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau Vol. 2
  • DC Comics: The Astonishing Art of Amanda Conner
  • Dial H for Hero Vol. 2: New Heroes of Metropolis
  • Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen


Tuesday, June 16

New Comic Books:

  • Aquaman Giant #4
  • Batman & the Outsiders #13
  • Daphne Byrne #5
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #1
  • Detective Comics #475 Facsimile Edition
  • The Flash Annual #3
  • The Green Lantern Season Two #4
  • Hawkman #24
  • MAD Magazine #14
  • Metal Men #7
  • Nightwing Annual #3
  • Strange Adventures #2
  • Superman #22
  • Wonder Woman #757
  • Young Justice #15


New Original Graphic Novels/Collected Editions:

  • Catwoman Vol. 3: Friend or Foe
  • Batgirl Vol. 7: Oracle Rising
  • Doomsday Clock Part 2 Slipcase Edition
  • Joker: The Deluxe Edition
  • Super Friends: Saturday Morning Comics Vol. 1
  • Superman/Batman Omnibus  Vol. 1


Tuesday, June 23:

New Comic Books:

  • Aquaman #60
  • Batgirl #46
  • Batman #93
  • Batman: The Smile Killer #1
  • Batman Beyond #44
  • Books of Magic #20
  • The Flash #756
  • Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
  • Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey #2
  • John Constantine: Hellblazer #7
  • Justice League #47
  • Justice League Dark #23
  • The Low, Low Woods #6
  • Plunge #4
  • Red Hood: Outlaw #46
  • Suicide Squad #6
  • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #11
  • Teen Titans #42


New Original Graphic Novels/Collected Editions

  • Primer (OGN)
  • Year of the Villain: The Infected
  • Justice League Vol. 5: Justice/Doom War
  • Legends of the Dark Knight: Matt Wagner
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: The Silver Age Omnibus


Tuesday, June 30:

New Comic Books:

  • Batman: The Adventures Continue #2
  • DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #2
  • DCeased: Dead Planet #1
  • Event Leviathan: Checkmate #2
  • Harley Quinn #74
  • Justice League #48
  • Lois Lane #12 (series finale)


New Original Graphic Novels/Collected Editions:

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum (New Edition)
  • Infinite Crisis Omnibus Hardcover (New Edition)
  • Nightwing: Year One Deluxe Edition Hardcover
  • Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 3: Generation Outlaw

To find a comic book store near you that’s open and operating, check out the DC Comic Shop Tracker at Check the page often, as it will be updated with new retailers.

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