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Tite Kubo’s traded in Soul Reapers for Witches and Hollows for Dragons in his newest manga, but his storytelling is no less enchanting! To discuss what makes Kubo’s new series Burn the Witch so spellbinding, we’re delighted to have on the magically talented localization team for the series from Viz with us today – editor Pancha Diaz (Death Note, Skip Beat), translator Jan Mitsuko Cash (Happy Sugar Life, Toradora), and letterer Vanessa Satone (One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul)!

It’s always a pleasure when we can invite the localization team of a series on the show to share their perspectives and experiences on the work. We had a lot of fun doing that with Kaiju No. 8 recently, and since Burn the Witch was such a big new series what with it being Tite Kubo’s follow-up to Bleach and all, we really wanted to have an in-depth conversation about it! We discuss Pancha, Jan, and Vanessa’s career journeys, their experience working on Burn the Witch, and their thoughts on the series, how it compares with Bleach, and where we hope to see the story go next!

We also have some exciting news to announce! We’re approaching both the 150th episode of this podcast, and even more significantly – our 5th year anniversary! That’s right, we’ve been doing this podcast for nearly half a decade now! Crazy how much time flies when you’re having fun. And of course, we want to celebrate our 5th year anniversary and we’re going to do so on our 150th episodes, which will come out right around our original premiere date all those years ago around the end of January.

What will we do to commemorate our 150th episode? Why, our annual Manga Mavericks survey of course! But this won’t be a normal yearly survey, no, this one will encompass the entirety of the podcast’s history from our very first episode in 2016 to the present! You can vote for your favorite episodes, guests, moments, and so much more from the past five years of the show as well as your favorite manga and news stories.

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The survey is open until Sunday morning, January 24th, so you have just a bit over three weeks to submit your entries! We look forward to seeing your guys’ feedback and discussing the results of the survey on our upcoming 150th episode spectacular – celebrating the 5th anniversary of this podcast is gonna be a magical moment! 

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00:22 – Intro & Announcing the Manga Mavericks 5th Anniversary Survey!

04:03 – Introductions
06:17 – Pancha’s Fandom & Career History
09:13 – Vanessa’s Fandom & Career History
15:00 – Jan’s Fandom & Career History
22:08 – Fun with Translating Puns
26:16 – Pancha’s Experiences with Bleach
29:03 – Kubo’s Worldbuilding in Bleach & Burn the Witch
34:53 – Lettering Burn the Witch
36:33 – Localization Differences between the One-Shot & Series
41:13 – Creative Choices in the Localization
44:31 – The Simulpub Localization Process
51:37 – Research Time & Context Clues when Translating
55:13 – Vanessa’s Lettering and Kubo’s SFX & English Text
1:03:03 – What is Burn the Witch About?
1:07:13 – Who are the Characters?
1:13:21 – Did We Expect BtW would be More Than a Mini-Series?


1:17:53 – Who has the best outfit and the best hair?
1:20:03 – Did you work directly with the Team from Japan?
1:21:03 – Were there any Translation Considerations for BtW as a Japanese Comic set in the UK catered for US readers?
1:27:33 – What role do you think Macy will play in the story going forward?

1:30:41 – Final Recommendations for Burn the Witch

1:33:18 – Guest Plugs

1:37:51 – Community Shout-Outs! 

1:50:53 – Wrap-Up


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Music Featured:

“[Burn the Witch]” by Keiji Inai
“Blowing” by NiL



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