By Jed Mackay, Alessandro Cappuccio, and Rachelle Rosenberg

With the announcement of the Moon Knight TV show, it was only a matter of time before he got a new series from Marvel comics. Attaching Jed Mackay to write the series is absolutely a step in the right direction. Mackay has done wonders on his Black Cat run and should be able to do the same on this Moon Knight series.

At this point it’s not really debatable that Jed Mackay is an up and coming writer for Marvel. He seems to take smaller titles and make them some of the most interesting books on the shelf. As stated above, Black Cat has been fantastic. Mackay tackles Marc Spector as someone struggling with his mental illness. Mackay goes back and forth in this issue as Mr. Knight is in treatment speaking with a therapist. It makes a lot of sense for Mr. Knight to open a mission as well. Mackay gives us a sensible character who is trying to help other in need just like him. As for the action in the book, Moon Knight tackles vampires, a cameo by Spider-Man villain Vermin, and a potential new threat coming his way in the series. Mackay gives us some acknowledgement of recent events in Avengers too. Mr. Knight mentions that he’s aware that Khonshu tried to take over the world, but Moon Knight is still his fist. Overall, Mackay delivers an issue that has action and substance. We delve into the mental health of Marc Spector, while seeing Moon Knight take out he trash. The first issue of Moon Knight will likely leave you wanting to keep reading because it’s just so much fun.

The pencils this issue are handled by Alessandro Cappuccio with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg. Cappuccio does an amazing job with the art this issue. A full page spread of Moon Knight busting through a windshield to attack Vampires is just awesome. There is also a great page as Moon Knight stands over a vamp on the ground while our hero has a stake in his hand. This is the stuff action books are made for. All of the big action sequences are done to perfection. Even Moon Knight fighting Vermin looks stunning as he has his brass knuckles out and attacks several creatures at one time. The colors by Rachelle Rosenberg are amazing, as usual. Some of her best work comes in simple panels where Mr. Knight is speaking wit his therapist. The reason these pages work so well is that Rosenberg shades them perfectly. The light comes in and shines on half of Mr. Knight’s face, while the other half is shaded. Rosenberg is hands down one of the best in the coloring business, and this issue is a testament to that.

Moon Knight #1 kicks serious ass. Jed Mackay brings everything to the table and delivers a powerful and enjoyable read. The colors and pencils rock and put this issue  over the top. Moon Knight should be the best book of the week for everyone who bought it.

10.0 10


Moon Knight #1

Moon Knight #1 kicks ass

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