By Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley and Brian Reber

Throughout issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Nick Spencer has slowly been building up Dr. Octopus gathering, or in some cases bringing others back to life, to join him in assembling the Sinister Six. All of this comes to an action packed end as we dive in to Sinister War #1. What happens when the Sinister Six is challenged by another group of six villains? are some of Spider-Man’s greatest foes able to beat a ragtag group led by Vulture? All of this makes for a pretty interesting debut issue that has great art and a good script.

It seems like Nick Spencer has a love for some of the more classic Spider-Man storylines. I say this because he loves gathering classic villains and pitting them against one another, like they used to do in the 90’s, a lot. Spencer’s style fits in with some of those writers too. He has sharp and witty dialogue. Peter is funny and constantly rips on his famous foes too. What works for this issue is that Spencer really gives Mary Jane some great panel time. It’s nice to see MJ get her due. She’s been around for a very long time and is an integral part to the Soider-Man mythos. The opening page between Mephisto and Dr. Strange is clearly going to lead to something important, Spencer just isn’t letting us know what yet. Of course, there is a Kindred sighting in this issue too. How he’s going to play into all of this remains to be seen, but Spencer has been building him up since issue 1, so he will be an important player. Overall this was a fun opening issue to a new story arc that will leave you wanting more. Nick Spencer’s run has been enjoyable and this is just another example of why he’s able to make Spider-Man fun again.

The pencils this issue are handled by Mark Bagley with inks by Andrew Hennessy, John Dell and Andy Owens. The colors are by Brian Reber. Bagley’s Spider-Man is honestly one of the best. He had a historic run with Brian Michael Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man, and he just has a style that is easy on the eyes. The opening page with Mephisto looks great, and the colors by Brian Reber work wonderfully. The red on Mephisto is vibrant enough, and it’s not diluted or dull. Action panels are handled with great care. Seeing Sandman wallop Rhino is great, especially with good pencils, inks and colors. Bagley’s work never loses quality either. Each page looks just as good as the last. The colors by Brian Reber rock this issue as well. Reber doesn’t over due it with colors, especially on pages that have multiple villains in colored outfits. Mysterio’s big reveal and green suit probably steal the issue for Reber, but to be honest, it all looks amazing.

Sinister War #1 is a fun filled issue that is not as light as it seems. Nick Spencer likes to have you let your guard down and then hit you with something unexpected. The art work on this book is phenomenal. Bagley, Reber and company knock it out of the park and make this issue a breeze to look at. Sinister War is shaping up to be a classic Spider-Man story!

9.0 10


Sinister War #1

Sinister War is shaping up to be a classic Spider-Man story!

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