By Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato

How lucky are we? Two Hickman Infinity books in one week! Avengers #21 is awesome and New Avengers #11 is just as great, maybe even more so. The Illuminati receive their answer to saving everything, but is the cost too much?

The Illuminati come face to face with the Builders from another universe. It’s a turn of events that is exciting, since these guys have been mostly left out of the battle against the Builders. There isn’t much action, but Hickman gives readers plenty to chew on, as the revelations are both stunning and thought-provoking. We see the Builders in a new light –they’re still heartless monsters, we just get to see that through a different lens. The Builders are cold and calculating, believing what they do is for the betterment of nature.

Hickman also allows Thanos and his forces lay waste to Wakanda. The nation has seen its share of destruction lately, first with AVX and now this. Thanos should be written as an unstoppable force, so Hickman is simply doing what needs to be done for story purposes. As Thanos discovers Terrax and Black Swan in captivity, his reaction is peculiar. I’m not sure if Hickman is going anywhere with this, but I sure hope so, as it left me anxious.

Deodato’s art is solid, making for two beautiful Avengers books in one week. His depictions of the Builders are a new way for readers to see them. It’s a slightly more traditional way to draw them. The sense of urgency in these scenes is made even better by the character’s expressions.

New Avengers #11 adds a new layer to the Infinity story. The Illuminati and their upcoming decisions could end up changing things for better or for worse. It’s exciting stuff and provides a new angle to look at Infinity with.


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