By Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman

As this little Spidey 2099 arc comes to a close, we’re left with far too many questions and not enough answers. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. On the one hand, we’re left with plenty to ponder and it leaves us wanting to see what’s next for Spidey 2099. However, this book is also full of unnecessary plot threads that go nowhere and are so boring; it’s a sin.

Structurally speaking, the story in issue 19 is an absolute mess. There is so much going on that nobody cares about and it only serves to bog down the main plot and issues at hand. Sorry, Slott, but Wraith and Carlie are massive bores. It’s just nice that we weren’t plagued with more Goblin crap.

A big problem with Superior Spider-Man has been Slott’s repeated attempts at bringing up the past and having little references. All of this is fine when done right, but he obviously only cares about trying to impress people with his supposed Spider-Knowledge. Yes, we all know who the Living Brain is. Yes, Alchemax is a thing. Focus on writing a decent plot with character moments that actually matter, and then you can throw in your little blasts from the past.

At least Stegman’s art is here to save the day. The more issues of Superior he draws, the better he gets. There is some truly stunning work here, especially when he depicts Parker’s memories that are still left over in Otto’s mind. Plus, both Spidey’s look so freakin’ rad. This is a beautiful issue and if you’re a fan of comic book art, this is an issue to pick up for that alone.

It’s a shame that Superior has been plagued with inconsistency. There is some decent material to work with that just gets squandered as arcs go on. Stegman is able to make this arc worth it, but he never sticks around long enough. Somebody needs to save Spider-Man from mediocrity. Unfortunately this title still sells well, so Marvel is in no rush to change things up.


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