by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez

Daredevil has been consistently well crafted since it’s first launch in 2011 and the book continues the momentum in it’s 2014 relaunch. Mark Waid pens both action and transition scenes leaving out unnecessary dialogue or exposition. Chris Samnee has a similar approach in his art; clean and precise well planned panels without overwhelming the page. Combined with Javier Rodriguez’s expert colors, these three storytellers have made this one of Marvel’s most entertaining titles.

The uneasy alliance between Daredevil and the Shroud resumes. Both men are in pursuit of the Owl for different reasons. The issue opens with an amazing choreographed fight scene, Samnee’s visuals are a cinematic storyboard making the two major action sequences of the issue fast paced and exciting. Well timed humor is placed in the middle of the issue. Waid’s use of chapter breaks give the book a seamless natural flow. A dramatic couple of pages end the issue with character development and possible foreshadowing for future issues.

Matt’s emotions are wonderfully scripted, and the last few pages of dialogue are heartfelt and touching. Waid reminds readers why Daredevil is one character that Marvel fans relate to, Matt has lived and made the best of even the worst of times. During Waid’s tenure as writer, Matt’s victories over both costumed and personal adversities are inspiring to the book’s readers. The act breaks in this and previous issues are well planned as well. Waid doesn’t inundate readers with too much drama or humor. This balance gives both humor and peril without diluting the importance to the story.

Clean lines and animated panels that Chris Samnee has perfected over the years make Daredevil a fun visual book to read. Samnee’s panels are well designed giving flow and direction to the story. There are pages that are layered producing depth in the art. There is a sequence of smaller panels that are intense thanks to the perspective and details Samnee puts in each panel. The Shoud’s shadows are given menacing details that flow in the panels. The characters have a slight cartoonish look but are not without intricate details and emotional expressions. The colors compliment Samnee’s style perfectly. Javier Rodriguez gives the flames in the book a certain heat and make the electricity in the issue sizzle.

The creative team without fear crafted another perfect issue of Daredevil this month. Waid, Samnee, and Rodriguez combine action, humor and development in plot and characters in a manner that is simple in its part but complex overall. Fast paced, exciting and emotional with a dramatic flare, this book is sure to please not only fans of Daredevil but fans of the comic medium.


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