The good folks at Comics Alliance have posted a fantastic interview with Jen Van Meter, writer of the upcoming “The Death Defying Dr. Mirage.” The interview is a little long but well worth the read. In it, Van Meter details some of her inspirations for the book, how she developed the story, magic, and more. Here’s an except:

What I wanted was to really make sure that every step was a way of saying, if I’m working in a world where you can talk to the dead and magic is real, then everything else has to come out of that, in a way that sort of seems native and comfortable. That expression that people use when they talk about [Star Wars] A New Hope, like, talk about how it felt like a “used universe,” with scuffs on things? I wanted to say, if there are people who have made careers fighting demons and talking to ghosts, then that’s also a world where government agents have suited up to go look for Nazi occultists that come and work for the U.S. If that’s happened, then the kinds of stories we tell when we tell spy stories apply with magic and the kinds of stories we tell when we tell an adventure story, apply with this sort of magic. So all of the different kinds of things that can happen in any fictive universe has to be able to happen in this one. If you’re Shan Fong, if you’re Doctor Mirage, and a mundane day at work is talking to ghosts, then an adventurous day is fighting Nazi wizards.

The Death Defying Dr. Mirage” will be available in stores and Comixology on September 3.

[Via Comics Alliance]

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