By Colin Krisel, James Krisel, Bong Ty Dazo, Eugene Perez

In issue #3 of The Markings writers/brothers Colin Krisel and James Krisel take some time to explain more of the historical background and powers that the “markings” possess – and they definitely go into some great detail.

The Krisels have created something of a fantasy and are taking the time to weave it into history in a believable way, giving reason for the “markings” original existence, as well as reasons for its disappearance. There has been a power existing over centuries that was helped build amazing things, helped people strive to new heights of power, but it’s also brought pain and devastation. But now, it’s back!

Issue #3 finds Jack still on the run, but now he’s found a new friend – one of the original people to re-awaken the ancient power. In meeting this person, Walter, we get to find out what he knows of the power and how it has impacted his life as well as recent events.

The artist on this series is Bong TY Dazo along with colorist Eugene Perez. These two give a great scene as to some of the extent of the power the “markings” have. A scene featuring a robbery shows a water truck spewing the water into the street in front of an armored bank truck, a few magic words and the water turns to ice. Dazo shows the panic in the truck driver’s faces as they lose control. This scene is followed by Perez showcasing the bright colors of explosions as a second spell is cast. Who are these thieves? And how do they know of this ancient power?

The Krisel brothers once again create a great story that brings real history into a world of fantasy. An ancient power has been awakened…but is this a good thing…or a bad thing?


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