By Christopher Yost and Marcus To

Marvel is really killing my bank account. The quality of All-New Marvel NOW! titles is just as high as the NOW! stuff before it. They’re on absolute fire. With all of this awesomeness, it seems like a great idea to re-re-re-revive New Warriors. Heck, let’s throw Scarlet Spider in there too. It sounds great. However, the result is a mixed bag.

I’m actually a big fan of Christopher Yost. The guy is underrated, even though most of his work is consistently entertaining. What we have in New Warriors, though, is a case of first issue-it is. It feels a little too much like a retread. Yost presents the team and we get a taste of some of their personalities. There’s even a secret villain lurking in the shadows. By all accounts, it’s a good first issue. It’s just an underwhelming one.

There’s no “big hook” that will get people talking. With so many high quality books from numerous publishers, a new series needs something to set it apart from the rest. The characters are marginally interesting and the big villain reveal will have you shrugging your shoulders in indifference.

Marcus To is on art duties and does a fine job. It’s not anything that will blow you away, but it’s serviceable. Standard superhero fare would be an accurate description. That being said, the work is crisp and clean. David Curiel’s color work makes every page bright and fun, which works with the story.

New Warriors #1 is a decent comic. If it wasn’t for the current state of comics, it would probably be higher on my list of recommendations. If you want to give it a shot, you could always do worse. Yost gives us just enough to have high hopes for future issues. Plus, I will buy anything with Scarlet Spider in it.


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