By Gerry Duggan, David Baldeon, Terry Pallot & Chris Sotomayor

Nova really knows how to put a smile on my face. Issue after issue this book brings great sci-fi action, funny banter, and solid storylines that can be enjoyed by all ages. Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon should be commended for putting out a continuously fun book.

Nova’s adventure with Beta Ray Bill comes to a close with issue #16. The issue begins with a bang right out of the gate and continues at that pace for the entire book. Duggan has crafted an intensely enjoyable relationship between Nova and Bill and their banter throughout this issue is some of the best of the whole storyline saw.

The one flaw I felt the final issue had came from the villain Skaarn and his “all powerful” weapon. For being all powerful, it certainly was easy for him to be overcome by the still-learning Nova all by himself. The fight was fun but it fizzled out at the end a bit.

Baldeon kills it again in issue #16. He draws great space fights and the fight between Nova and Skaarn is pretty epic. It’s explosive, it’s bright, it pulls you in and just like the writing, keeps a smile on your face the entire issue.

Nova continues to be not only a fun all ages book, but one of the more fun books Marvel is putting out. Every issue I get more invested in Sam Alexander’s journey as both a hero and a teenager. It seems like things are looking a bit grim for the Alexander family based on the ending of this issue and I can’t wait to see how Sam faces it.


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