By Kurtis J. Wiebe & Roc Upchurch

Time for another round of everybody’s new favorite, Rat Queens! Every month, this title has delivered plenty of laughs and an always interesting character-driven plot that is loads of fun. Seriously, how does Kurtis J. Wiebe keep putting out such perfect humor every month?

It seems like most of you have jumped on board with this book by now and rightfully so. We all know that, while the story tends to be interesting and engaging even if the humor were dropped, the comedy is where it’s at in Rat Queens. This trend continues in issue #4 with plenty of hilarious moments. Even in such an incredible character-driven story, the lines these ladies deliver are jam packed with funny. As always, Betty really shines! That smidgen steals the show every time! This issue seems to quickly wrap up the preceding arc a little too swiftly, but there may be more to come with this. Most of the issue concerned a large-scale battle between the protagonists and a horde of seriously pissed off Orcs. It left relatively less room for story development, but the epic conflict was a nice change of pace that really showcased Roc Upchurch’s stellar visuals.

Upchurch is really making a name for himself with this title, delivering spectacular artwork every month that only seems to improve. Issue #4 in particular has some of the best visuals in the series so far, with a very cinematic feeling, especially in the opening sequence. The characters are actually looking more and more realistic with every issue, in large part due to the terrific coloring. As previously mentioned, a large part of Rat Queens #4 followed the huge battle and the visuals throughout are suitably epic in tone. Roc Upchurch really knows how to illustrate a fight scene and there was a ton of opportunity for this in the latest installment.

If you’re not yet reading Rat Queens, is it because you hate fun? It must be since there’s really no other reason! This is an amazing series that hits all the right notes in every issue. Rat Queens #4 was another standout installment in the saga of these foul-mouthed, hard drinking, orc killing, and apparently drug-making ladies.


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