By Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Giuseppe Camuncoli

*Warning: Minor Spoilers*

The road back to Parker has been a long time coming. To its credit, Spidey-Ock has been an interesting experiment. Occasionally, you have to switch things up and throw out the status quo. However, in comics, the status quo always comes back with a vengeance. Even though the next issue is the finale, issue 30 is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. Ever since we saw Peter as a ghost in issue 1, fans have been clamoring to find out how he comes back. Luckily, that moment has finally come. Otto has come to terms with his inadequacies and now realizes that in order to save the woman he loves; he needs a real hero like Peter. That particular story angle is fascinatingly brilliant.

Slott (plot) and Gage (script) have managed to bring all of those loose plot threads together in one decent issue. Thanks to Gage putting Slott’s story together, the problems we’re used to in Superior have decreased drastically. It’s definitely an improvement over Gage’s last issue.

Giuseppe Camuncoli’s work can be inconsistent. Thankfully, this is one of his best issues yet. He still has trouble conveying emotions, but the action can often make up for it. The scenes of Peter attempting his comeback are truly stunning. If he could just keep up with this kind of quality, he would quickly become a fan favorite.

There’s one issue of Superior left. Soon, The Amazing Spider-Man will be back. Even though it will still be Slott behind the wheel, one can’t help but be excited. Peter Parker is not a superhero, he’s the superhero. It will be fun to see what happens.


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