By Jonathan Hickman and Salvador Larroca

It’s the fight of the century! The Avengers versus The……well, Avengers. In another writer’s hands this premise may be stupid, but this is Hickman we’re talking about. He’s an incredible writer and every plot point serves a grander purpose.

AIM has unleashed a version of The Avengers from another universe. If that wasn’t bad enough, they have also brought back a new version of the Adaptoids. The Adaptoids appear to be the major threat of this arc, but we actually see very little of them. It’s mildly irritating to see them used so infrequently, especially since they were billed as such formidable foes, but everything Hickman does is a slow burn. We must learn to be patient.

As for these other Avengers, it’s revealed that they aren’t the same heroes as the ones we’re used to. Actually, they come off as complete jerks. With so many doppelgangers running around DC and Marvel lately, this is starting to feel like overkill. Still, their dialogue and views/opinions are expertly delivered and give the reader some food for thought.

Salvador Larroca’s art is always a treat. He has a very modern Marvel style and since this is a modern Marvel book, it works well. The panels with Thor and Captain America are powerful. Larroca is very adept at showing both internal and external struggles through facial expressions. With his ability to draw both superhero action and sci-fi, Avengers is looking great.

However you feel about the current arc, we can assure that Hickman is going somewhere with it. He’s a master of his craft and when things finally come together, it’s truly a sight to behold. With Larroca helping out, Avengers continues to be on top of the Marvel pile.


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