By Claudio Sanchez, Chondra Echert, Daniel Bayliss & Adam Metcalfe

This week marks the release of Translucid‘s final issue. It has been a thrilling ride and it’s sad to see it end but some stories must end. The Navigator and his rival/kidnapper, The Horse, face off in their final battle of their minds. Translucid continues the streak of excellent mini-series from BOOM! Studios.

If you are someone who thinks musicians can’t successfully crossover into comics, then Translucid might change your mind. Coheed and Cambria lead singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez and his wife Chondra Echert crafted this disturbingly beautiful look and heroes and villains. Even though this couple are no strangers to writing comics, Translucid feels like a whole new beast from them. The rivalry between The Horse and The Navigator strike many familiar tones from typical comic troupes. However their twisted take on it proves to make for a consuming read.

Personally, Translucid has some of my favorite current interior art. Daniel Bayliss brought so much life to this story. Jumping from the real world, to a hallucination then a nightmare, Bayliss makes all of them look stunning. It must also be noted that the colors provided by Adam Metcalfe were certainly a huge part of Translucid‘s appeal. Every page of Translucid is full of vibrant and bright colors that just attract your eye. Colorists have always taken a back seat when it comes to praise for their work. Fortunately that seems to be changing lately. A gorgeous book like Translucid shows how important a colorist is to a story.

Translucid has been an excellent pairing of great writing and fantastic art. The nice thing about this series is that it’s great for fans of the superhero genre but it also appeals to the casual reader. Overall Translucid was an intriguing and psychedelic mindfuck of a read, which gets my seal of approval. It will be exciting to read this as one whole piece now.


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