Wolf Moon #1


By Cullen Bunn, Jeremy Haun & Lee Loughridge

A couple of lycanthropic comics have popped up recently, so when this hit the shelves this week, I was a bit skeptical about the material. How many times can the werewolf myth be reinvented? The book opens with a classic lycan attack on unsuspecting hunters in Kentucky (Not exactly a fan that this issue feeds into the Kentucky hick stereotype). From there, the story shifts the focus to Dillon, a man hunting down the supernatural beast. He is finally is able to track it down and prepares to bring his nightmare to an end…

This book covered all the clichés one could think of when it comes to this subgenre. It was a little disappointing considering Cullen Bunn is doing to great work on Godzilla: Cataclysm and The Empty Man. Then came the third act! Without giving anything away, Bunn stays to his word and actually introduces a fascinating concept into lycanthrope lore, not to mention one whopper of a cliffhanger. Perhaps he wanted to get all the established conventions out of his system early to allow for his original spin to be unhindered by them or just a well executed conceit. Either  way, readers will be left yearning for more.

Jeremy Haun and Lee Loughridge collaborate well to bring the dark, vicious nature of the werewolf to light. There is a half-page panel and full-page shot that depicts the monster in all its barbaric beauty. Loughridge’s pitch-perfect night backdrop for these images helps to further engrain the tension into the readers. Also, there are a couple of panels within the comic that distort people’s faces, as if viewing them with a wide-angle or fish eye lens. A perspective rarely seen…very cool!

I am pleased to say that Wolf Moon is on track to be another fascinating addition to the mythology. Readers who love supernatural comics, thrillers or just some gore will dig this title.