Wolverine #6


By Paul Cornell, Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel

Anybody who is currently reading Wolverine knows that this is the title that is leading up to the Death of Wolverine mini series coming out. Logan is playing his fellow team members, but maybe he cares more than he lets on. Is his ultimate goal revenge on Sabertooth, or is there more at play?

Paul Cornell has the job of making a vulnerable Wolverine an awesome character. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but Cornell has honestly made the character very likable in this series. Cornell also shows that he has been digging into his Wolverine history as he allows Logan to dress up as Patch this issue and talk with an old friend from way back. It’s also nice to see Black Knight and a few other members of the MI-13 crew make an appearance since they haven’t been seen that often. Cornell offers another pretty strong issue for an arc that he has been building for a while now and continues to gain steam.

The art is handled by Gerardo Sandoval this issue with colors by David Curiel. Sandoval does a fine job this issue for the most part, but there are some bland panels. That being said, Sandoval’s best image comes from a flashback sequence between Wolverine and Sabertooth that has good coloring from Curiel and some added texture to the page. While Sandoval certainly doesn’t do anything that takes away from the issue, the art doesn’t wow you either, it’s very standard.

As this saga continues to unfold, Cornell has managed to keep up some of the mystery and suspense in the title. The art is decent but could use a little more flare to help the story out. Cornell is writing an all new kind of Wolverine that has really paid off so far, hopefully the next six issues are just as good.