Story: Ryan North
Art: Erica Henderson
Covers: Erica Henderson & Brittney Williams
Publisher: Marvel
Publication Date: November 25th, 2015
Price: $3.99


Remember last month when we said #1 was a great jumping-on point for new readers? Well, guess what? #2 is too! Start of a new story, baby!

(It’s ALSO a great “continuing-on” point for existing readers.)

In this issue, Squirrel Girl gets sent BACK IN TIME and also ERASED FROM HISTORY. Only her friend Nancy even remembers she existed!

So Nancy turns to the only hero she can contact (on social media) for help in rescuing her: IRON MAN.

Also a surprise villain shows up, from the past! It could be LITERALLY ANY BAD GUY but it’s a good one, I PROMISE.

P.S.: it is not Galactus; we already did him.


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