By Colin Krisel, James Krisel, Bong Ty Dazo, Eugene Perez

“Bana aga!”

The search continues in the newest issue of The Markings by brothers Colin and James Krisel. An ancient mystery surrounding the markings has everyone on high alert as Jack, the protagonist, has uncovered some findings that have a lot of people now on his tail. Sounds fun right?

Mixing real history with the world of The Markings this writing duo is creating a big story with fast paced action each issue – and this issue definitely delivers! Getting to see some of the power those that have come in contact with the markings posses is a delight each issue as well (every kid wishes they could through fireballs from their hands right?).

This issue keeps the action rolling as Jack and Morgan, along with Walter, make a visit to another one of the originals to come across the markings. But with so many people after them…is anywhere safe?

The artist on this series is Bong Ty Dazo along with colorist Eugene Perez. Once again they create some great scenes during the intense action that takes place this time around. Within a couple panels you get to witness a car crash just like the ones you see in the movies! Dazo does a great job to swap in and out from what’s happening in the car to the chaos happening outside as one car comes into contact with another – but Jack has places to be, so he can’t be stopping for cops! The colors by Perez add to the impact as the Jack’s car hits the other and the glass shatters everywhere – the impact being accentuated by the orange and yellow explosive impact – and the headlight flying forward is a nice touch.

This series blends history with mythology to create a story that keeps you at the edge of your seat each issue. The chase is on – but with so many people after Jack and Morgan…who can they really trust?


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