by Christopher Priest, M.D. Bright

The final chapter of Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody is out today. Will we finally get some answers as to what’s been going on? Find out in our review of Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #5.

If you’ve been reading Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody, you’ll know that this story is very different from what James Asmus has done helming the reboot of the series for Valiant. This fact may turn some of you away from the book, but know that Priest and Bright are master story tellers, and this fifth and final issue offers a lot to like.

Throughout this miniseries, Christopher Priest has shown us many different facets of Quantum and Woody with many story lines which at times have seemed somewhat disparate from each other, but it all comes together here. Much of it has been an exploration of what has transpired in these characters’ world over the past couple of decades and how the two protagonists have grown apart, but thanks to Sword, Koro, and the secret super soldiers that Eric helped created, the two reconcile even if a bit reluctantly, making the possibility of future stories set in this alternate timeline a reality.

Of course, the main mystery has been just who the new Quantum and Woody really are, and over the past couple of books we have seen hints of it. Issue 5 leads to the final revelation that the new Woody is a special prototype super soldier which Eric has been harboring for safe keeping all along to keep him away from the hands of world governments and Sword itself. There are still some slightly confusing elements which are somewhat glossed over, such as this new Woody’s sex, but that’s probably slightly irrelevant to the story as a whole.

M.D. Bright’s art has been strong throughout this series, but it really stands out in this final chapter. I’m not sure what is different other than the fact that there is more action in this issue that in the rest of the series combined and that may ultimately be one of his greatest strengths. The ink and color work are wonderful and bright (no pun intended) in a series that has been mostly grimmer and darker in tone and subject matter than what current Quantum and Woody readers may be used to.

Overall, Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #5 left me very satisfied with where it left the story and characters. If you’re looking for a darker take of the characters with a great exploration of who these people really are, you will not be disappointed. I looked forward to seeing more from Priest and Bright at Valiant in the future.

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