The first arc of Ivar, Timewalker draws to a close with the release of issue #4 this week. Here are our first impressions!

Amy’s take

Neela’s attempts to change her history take center stage in the final book of this arc. Van Lente keeps the tone light even in the face of tragedy, and in the process makes Neela more understandable and likeable. We’re given an idea of why future Neela seeks out her younger self but have yet to discover Ivar’s true motivations. The book closes in a manner that echoes the ending of issue #1, leaving us in anticipation for the reveal of the next arc. I can’t wait – the reveal may turn out to be the “mother” lode.

Martin’s take

I am really enjoying what Fred Van Lente is doing in Ivar, Timewalker and particularly enjoying this issue which interestingly enough, contains almost no Ivar! Let me say that I do love Ivar as a character, but the exploration of Neela’s past and her attempt to save her father in this issue does a wonderful job at not just exploring her personality (or should I say multiple personalities? You’ll see what I mean when you read this) but also at cementing the time travel concepts that have been thrown around since the first issue in a new, different, and very human way. It is that human element which makes this one of my favorite issues of the series so far, and with the setup at the end of the book, has me really excited for what will happen in the next arc as Ivar is reunited with his brothers.

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