Ninjak returns with its second issue this week with another excellent spy story as Ninjak dives deeper into the underworld of Weaponeer.

Amy’s take

Another exciting read as we follow Ninjak’s infiltration of the deadly weapons manufacturer. Along the way we are given insight into both his methods and his way of thinking. An interesting flashback to childhood reveals more about his essential nature and how he came to be the way that he is. The secondary “Lost Files” flashback story of Ninjak as a young agent was entertaining. It serves to humanize him, showing insecurities and mistakes that we wouldn’t believe Ninjak capable of making. Looking forward to learning more about the assassin Roku.

Martin’s take

Let me freely admit that I spent nearly as much time staring at the spec sheet for Ninjak’s glove as I did reading the rest of this book – I love how thorough Matt Kindt is with his research and providing this little tidbit was terrific. Not only does it highlight some of Ninjak’s tech, but also offers deep psychological insight into the character, and only through a black and white image of a glove. With that said, Ninjak continues to deliver with both a fascinating spy story and unbelievably beautiful art. The long road to a Ninjak ongoing has been more than worth the wait. Oh yeah, and be sure to pay attention and try to catch the nod to Rai in this issue.

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