Ivar, Timewalker continues breaking history as we take a spoiler-free look at issue 6, out this Wednesday!

Amy’s take

Ivar, Timewalker #6 is another solid read from Fred Van Lente that furthers the larger story line while delivering humor to the current events. The Anni-Padda brothers are finally all in the same place, and with the expected results. Neela continues to grow on me as she racks up wins and losses in her experiments and begins to question the motives of her future self.

Don’s take

Fred Van Lente knows how to weave a serious, complex story with a little bit of humor mixed in. Ivar, Timewalker is simply my kind of book, and this series has not disappointed me yet. I’ve been Anni-Padda’d for sure!

The Martin’s take

With the second arc of Ivar, Timewalker well on its way and the rules of time travel (maybe?) fully established, this book is really starting to pick up steam. The reunion of the Anni-Padda brothers – Ivar, Armstrong, and Gilad – in this issue offers some great humor very reminiscent of Van Lente’s writing on Archer & Armstrong which is where he truly shines. The introduction of a new character offers some very interesting tie-ins between this book and other Valiant properties which I cannot wait to see explored.


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