By Scott Snyder, Jock, Matt Hollingsworth

“You’re going to take me there! You hear me?!! Take me there!!”

To Disney World?! Oh…to the big scary tree where the wytches live…not quite as happy, but it’ll do (though writer Scott Snyder does talk about Disney World in the reader response in the back of the comic – He needs to write more prose!!! – Go read Voodoo Heart!)

Issue #5 of Wytches has Mr. Rooks on the hunt for his missing daughter, Sailor. She’s been taken by the wytches, which doesn’t make it easy on her father’s part when it comes down to the search and rescue portion of this issue.

Once again Snyder crafts a chilling story interwoven with past and present events culminating in a similar idea come the issue’s end. This issue takes the level of suspense from issues prior and amplifies it quite a bit, as Mr. Rooks actually makes his way into the wytches “home”. But don’t worry, because he’s covered in Stink and it works really well.

The artists on this series are penciller/inker Jock and colorist Matt Hollingsworth. Jock once again creates some great scenes in this issue, but it’s Hollingsworth’s colors that pop more than ever, especially during Mr. Rooks initial look into the underground world of the wytches. In this scene Jock has Mr. Rooks trying to creep as silently as he can, but unfortunately he ends up stepping on a stick, which sparks the CHHH…CHH…CHIT sounds I’ll be hearing in my nightmares tonight (that’s the noise the wytches make). Hollingsworth covers this scene in his usual splatters, but chooses to use a bright pink alongside a deep purple in the middle panel of the page. This panel showcases Mr. Rooks eyes right before he steps on the stick that endangers his position, the colors acting as a “Spider-Sense” vibe to the scene (Yeah, I just went there).

Snyder’s horror story continues strong as Mr. Rook takes big risks to try to rescue his daughter in the latest issue.


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