By Gabby Rivera, Joe Quinones, Ming Doyle, Jose Villarubia, Jordan Gibson & Joe Rivera

America is arguably Marvel’s best new book and each issue of Gabby Rivera’s series is nothing short of exceptional. This is again the case with the fourth issue which sees her fighting against a monster whilst protecting the Guerillas, a bunch of America Chavez super-fans who were responsible for kidnapping her in the first place. It’s fun, engaging, and as action packed as ever, with Rivera finding a unique voice for America and really exploring it over the course of this series. If you’ve enjoyed any combination of All-New Guardians of the Galaxy or the current Hawkeye run, then you’ll find yourself right at home in this series.

The character focus on America is fantastic as we get a great character study of what makes her tick. The clear voice and focus that Rivera uses to flesh out America in this issue has been a huge part of what makes her stand out over the course of this series, taking the character to new heights. The book itself hits hard, packing a punch as tough as America’s.

The series itself has to be one of Marvel’s most diverse in terms of demographics represented here. There’s scarcely any straight, white male characters in sight and that’s a good thing as it allows the supporting cast to shine just as much as America does in this issue. It doesn’t rely on guest stars from more established Avengers as it’s clear by now that America Chavez is someone who can very much hold her own, and the inter-dimensional drama that comes into play here is very fun indeed, executed incredibly well. Rivera’s dialogue too is also something that is worth mentioning, able to pull the reader in and keep them hooked in place. The action always has a purpose in advancing the plot, and there’s rarely any case of action for the sake of action here.

The pencils are provided by Joe Quinones and Ming Doyle who are both in excellent form. Jose Villarubia and Jordan Gibson’s involvement on colors really adds an extra layer of awesomeness to this book. It’s bursting full of energy and excitement and everything feels fresh, vibrant and unique as a result. America looks like no other Marvel book on the shelves. The character has her own, unique feel, and there is range among the supporting cast, all of whom look distinctively different in their own right. There’s so much care here from the creative team it really helps the book benefit as a result.

Quinones, Doyle, and Joe Rivera are also collaborating on inking duties in this book and the results look as great as you’d imagine. It helps provide depth to characters in key scenes, fleshing out their emotions and also acts as an effective way to further the distinction between them, to great results.

On the whole then, America #4 is a success. It’s inventive, smart and action-packed, serving as an incredibly fun read that really puts the focus on America Chavez and shines because of this approach. If you’re not reading this book, you need to rectify that error immediately. This is one of those series that simply needs to be read.

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