A haunted muscle car, a circus crime family, a dancing bear, bearded women, methed out carnies, crab twins, and a young woman teamed up with the ghost of her dead father on a mission of vengeance:  just some of the utter insanity that awaits you in the hot new comic Death Trap, now launched on Kickstarter!

Ollie and her dad’s ghost are out for revenge as they rumble and skid through four issues of action and absurdity in her father’s old 1968 Mercury Cougar.  With their suspicions all but confirmed his murder was ordered by Beau Davenport, the owner of a rival traveling carnival, Ollie gathers help from the only family she has left: The Strongin Circus crime family she grew up in.  Violence, high-octane action, and a healthy dose of bananas-level wackiness await you in the pages of the most exciting new comic this side of the old 42nd street exploitation movie theaters.

Created by writer Matt Miner (GWAR: Orgasmageddon) and artist Christopher Peterson (Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight), Death Trap is a love letter to the carsploitation and revenge flicks of the 1970s and 1980s.  The 4-issue miniseries launched to Kickstarter and seeks $18,000 for creator page rates and the funding of rewards.  Available swag includes everything from copies of the books in both digital and physical formats and Kickstarter exclusive covers, to appearing in the book as a character or as a bobblehead figure on the dashboard of one of Davenport’s men, to professional services like script reviews, cover art, and logo creation, geared to bring comics projects next-level for aspiring creators.

Rounding out the creative team are rising star colorist Josh Jensen (GWAR, Lab Raider) and ace letterer Matt Krotzer (Strayed, House of Fear).

“My favorite escapes from the horrors of real life are comics and B-movies with emotional depth.  I figured, why not combine the two and make a really fun series with friends?” says writer Matt Miner, while artist Chris Peterson adds “I’m super stoked to come back to comics after a long hiatus with such a crazy project to start it all off. It’s a whole lot of what I enjoy and hope everyone else does too!”

The Death Trap Kickstarter project can be found at the URL shortcut www.deathtrap.world and the project runs from September 3 to October 2, 2019.  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding, so if 100% of the goal isn’t reached, none of the money is collected.  Death Trap will be in comic shops worldwide, provided the creative costs can be funded through this Kickstarter project.

The creators urge interested parties to pledge early in the campaign to secure their rewards.

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