Apart from for having fun, video games can be essential when it comes to working out and maintaining your health and fitness. Most people tend to think that all video games encourage a sedentary lifestyle. However, modern technology has come up with video games that help you take charge of your health and fitness.

Some of the best video game consoles provide both exercise and entertainment at the same time. This means that such video games will get your heart racing, stretch your muscles, and improve your body strength while at the same time entertaining you. A considerable number of people tend to ignore video games that aim at enhancing their health and fitness.
Nonetheless, studies have shown that fitness games within a game console are as effective as regular exercising at the gym.

Some of the best video game consoles for workouts include Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 fitness games, PS3 fitness games, and Wii and Wii U fitness games.

Nintendo Switch Fitness Games
On this video game console, familiar fitness games include:

Fitness Boxing
This video game is designed for one to workout through boxing. Your objective is to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts to the rhythm of popular songs like “Call Me Maybe.” Similar to Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, Fitness Boxing will generate a report about your form and accuracy.

As you continue, the level of the game becomes more difficult, which makes the workout harder and more challenging. Similarly, you can use workout supplements from the Steroidsfax new url to help bring the best results. Most importantly, this can help you bring your fitness up to scratch, especially if you have been inactive for a long time.

Mario Tennis Aces
This Involves playing tennis without the use of heavy tennis rackets. The control movements in this game are more natural and take little time to master. In addition, Mario Tennis Aces has embraced a competitive and fast-paced lifestyle, and it is the best suited for couples and families who would love to challenge each other.

Xbox One Fitness Games

Xbox One is a controller and board-free body motion system that offers freedom of movement in exergaming. It embraces the use of cameras, depth sensors, and microphones to convey information from the gamer. Familiar active video games on Xbox One include:

Zumba Fitness World Party
Having this game on your gaming console is like having Zumba classes from the comfort of your house. You have a variety of routines to select from. Moreover, the regular classes feature songs from chart-topping artists like Daddy Yankee and Lady Gaga. Playing this game for an hour burns up to 500 calories.
PS4 Fitness Games

These Include:

Just Dance 2019
Just Dance is designed for gamers to have fun by dancing, which is a good cardio workout. Moreover, it is an improved version of Just Dance for PS3 with updated tunes and routines. Playing this game will help you lose excess weight and fat and also boosts blood circulation throughout the body.

Xbox 360 Fitness Games

A product of Microsoft, here are some fantastic Xbox 360 exergames:

EA Sports Active 2
A heart rate tracking arm-band accompanies EA Sports Active 2. To play the game, you start by creating your avatar and keying in your stats for the game to know where you are beginning. Next, you can select one of the pre-planned exercise regimens or develop your own. The pre-planned regimens are tailored to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.

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