One of the biggest fears for players who gamble at land-based or online casinos is to play against rigged slot machines. Granted people are also concerned about the prospect of being cheated at roulette, blackjack and baccarat, the prospect of rigged slots is looming larger. That’s because nobody knows what happens behind the scenes and there are some doubting the fairness of the algorithms.

Slots are moneymaking machines for casinos

It is not a coincidence that slots are the most numerous games at both land-based and online casinos. The outcome depends exclusively on chance, so there is no way players can increase the odds of winning by playing a lot. Some games pay more than others, with the average return to player exceeding 97% in some cases. This is the best case scenario, so those who choose these slots will have a better chance of beating the odds, but they will still be underdogs. In the long run, the 3% house edge is high enough for the casino to make a profit, so gambling operators only need to have enough active players.

The fact that casinos use the house edge to turn slots into profitable businesses isn’t a surprise. It shouldn’t worry players either, in fact this should reassure those who are afraid that slot machines might be rigged. When the casino is guaranteed to make a profit in the long run, it has no reason to meddle with the algorithms just for the sake of winning faster. They play the long game and the last thing they need is to guard their reputation or even cast a doubt over the fairness of their business. The moment trust is gone, everything is lost, so for the casinos like PlayUK, it is actually terrible business to cheat their players.

Licensed and regulated casinos are perfectly safe

When there is a motive to cheat, there is always room for reasonable doubt and there are certain casinos that might be tempted to take shortcuts. Unlicensed gambling operators and new casinos that don’t have a large customer base are more inclined to cut corners. They have little to lose if their reputation is tarnished, simply because they don’t have made a name for themselves yet. There are many casinos who can easily close shop and set up another website under a different name, to start from scratch.

In order to minimize the risks of getting tricked by dishonest casinos, players are advised to stick to licensed and regulated operators. Those that have been in this line of work for many years are an even better choice, because there is an abundance of reviews available. You can read the articles written by fellow players, or see what the experts have to say about the manner in which they conduct business. All these reviews provide useful facts about their slots and the manner in which they handle complaints. If you play here, you won’t stumble upon rigged slot machines and enjoy a fair and fun gaming experience.

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