Fly Me to the Moon 

Let me podcast among the stars

Let me see what marriage is like

From a, Sunday and Hata 

In other words, listen to me

In other words, baby, read this series!

That’s right, we’re over the moon because we’re taking a trip into one of the latest hit Shonen Sunday manga, Kenjiro Hata’s Fly Me to the Moon! As always when we cover anything Sunday, we’re joined once again by Sakaki, founder of the Weekly Shogakukan Edition Talkback Twitter & Blog, as well as Marion from the Good Friends Anime Club and a gamut of other podcasts! Oh, and Mavericks teammate VLord, host of the Demon Slayer Podcast and Dumb Weebs is here too, I guess.

Listen to this dream team discuss this dreamy manga about married life! We chat about the couple, the cuteness, the name, the pop culture references, and the allusions to The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and the implications it may have on the story. We discuss everything that makes Fly Me an engaging manga, one you’ll want to commit to! We’re not asking for the moon here; read this manga and fly high with us! 


00:00 – Intro
02:09 – “Tonikawa: Into the ground with this name!”
06:11 – Fly Me to the Moon Background
14:42 – Fly Me’s Story
17:52 – First Impressions
20:20 – Hayate vs. Fly Me
24:18 – Art & Paneling
27:48 – Pop Culture References
32:38 – Relationship Realness
34:44 – Tsukasa
38:08 – Couples Chat
41:38 – Anime Anticipation
46:10 – Unique Rom-Com Elements
54:50 – Princess Kaguya Allusions
1:04:18 – Tsukasa and Nasa’s Relationship
1:07:26 – More Pop Culture References
1:09:28 – Should You Read the Manga First, or Wait for the Anime?
1:15:38 – State of Sunday 2020
1:19:13 – Guest Plugs

1:28:48 – Community Shout-Outs

1:34:26 – Wrap-Up

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Music Featured:

“Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra
Koi no Uta (feat. Tsukasa Tsukuyomi)” by Akari Kito
“Tsuki to Hoshizora” by KanoeRana

About The Author Siddharth Gupta

Siddharth Gupta is an illustrator, animator, and writer based in Minnesota. They graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Animation from the School of Visual Arts, and have worked on projects for the University of Minnesota and the Shreya R. Dixit Foundation. An avid animation and comics fan since childhood, they've turned their passion towards being both a creator and a critic. They credit their love for both mediums to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, which has also defined their artistic and comedic sensibilities. A frequent visitor to their local comic book shop, they are an avid reader and collector, particularly fond of manga. Their favorite comics include The Adventures of Tintin by Herge, Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed, and pretty much anything and everything by Rumiko Takahashi.

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