By Kyle Higgins & Russell Dauterman

Nightwing #28 is the second-to-last issue for writer Kyle Higgins, who has been writing the series since it launched with the New 52 back in 2011. Most of this issue looks back at the fallout of Nightwing’s time hunting Tony Zucco, and the revelations that Jen made last issue.

Higgins does a great job of bringing more of a focus to Dick Grayson rather than Nightwing in this issue. You can feel Higgins’ run coming to a close as Grayson looks around and wonders if this is what he should be doing.

The parallels between Jen and Dick are impossible to miss, but they work in the issue. It is a bit disappointing that we won’t be able to see Higgins explore their relationship much deeper than one more issue’s worth.

Russell Dauterman steps in as artist for issue #28. While most of the book is fairly quiet, the opening scene looks very impressive as Nightwing battles Spinebender. There is lots of variety in these opening scenes and it let Dauterman draw a variety of characters to fight Nightwing.

With only one issue left in Higgins’ run, there isn’t much time left to catch up, but if you can you should. It has been a consistently solid read since 2011 with the highest points coming in the last year with Nightwing’s move to Chicago. DC is losing a hell of a writer next month and a hell of a book in two.


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