By Ian Flynn, Ryan Odagawa, Gary Martin, John Workman, Evan Stanley

Ian Flynn has shown an uncanny ability to take a simple platforming video game and weave an incredible story into it. He’s been doing it throughout the series and it’s been a real treat to be along for the ride. If it’s even possible, Mega Man #48 sets an even higher standard.

This issue tells the story of the final boss battle of Mega Man 3. Things are a tad different (of course), but it still sticks to the core of Mega Man continuity. Wily is in full control of the Gamma robot and Mega Man appears to be out of options. The action is quite fluid and told very well, which is something we have come to expect from this series. For a simple concept, Flynn has weaved in a ton of emotion. Things don’t feel like a video game boss battle. There are stakes at risk and real heart is thrown at every panel. When the dust settles, our heroes are at a crossroads. It’s a very touching ending.

All of the action and emotional depth is perfectly illustrated by Odagawa and his army of robot art masters. This arc has been beautiful to look at and issue 48 takes it out in style. Most of the issue is dark, with hard lines and dreary colors to convey a sense of dread. The final pages are very bright and cheery, which helps tell the reader that hope is not lost. This is a truly stunning issue.

Ian Flynn and Odagawa make one heck of a team. Issue 48 is a great end to a fantastic arc. It really doesn’t get any better than this.


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