By Jonathan Hickman, Brett Booth, Sunny Gho and Adelso Corona

If you’ve wanted to see Jonathan Hickman take on members of the Shi’ar, this is your lucky week. X-Men #17 takes 3 of the most prominent mutants and puts them in space to assist the Shi’ar in finding their missing majestrix. We all love a good space adventure featuring the X-Men, so this should be a throwback to the days when the mutants lived in space. If you’re interested in Hickman’s take on this, wait no longer.

Jonathan Hickman is a world builder. Every issue of his X-Men run may not be a home run, but they always have something important for the series to move forward. This issue, Cyclops, Jean and Storm assist the Shi’ar in finding their missing majestrix in waiting, Xandra. Hickman uses this issue to fulfill his 90’s X-Men dreams. So much about this issue reeks of nostalgia, the costumes on the mutants, the villain looks straight out of a 90’s movie, even Brett Booth’s art is reminiscent of a 90’s style. Hickman includes some pieces from his Avengers run in this issue. Smasher, Cannonball and Sunspot are all present in this book, and all written well. Hickman loves these characters and it shows. The Sunspot and Cannonball dynamic is still one of the more fun parts of the issue, but this book was about Storm. Hickman has been using Ororo lately and has been allowing us to see that she is an insane mutant. When I say insane, I mean power wise and leadership wise. She had great presence in this issue, and Hickman shows us that Storm is very capable in the battlefield as she takes down scummy aliens. This may not be everyone’s favorite issue of X-Men, but it does have meaningful content and is still leaps and bounds better than many other books.

The pencils this issue are handled by Brett Booth with colors by Sunny Gho and inks by Adelso Corona. I like Booth’s work, and it was great seeing him draw the X-Men. His first full page as Jean, Scott and Ororo come through the gate is amazing. It looks like something I would hang up on my wall. Booth’s style is slick and nostalgic here, which is exactly what an issue like this needs. Great panels like Cyclops and Storm blasting a traitor together look cool as the two mutant leaders assert their dominance. Booth is helped by the inks of Adelso Corona. Corona makes Booth’s lines smooth and add to the reading experience. The colors by Sunny Gho are great as usual. He makes Booth’s pencils pop, and he does an amazing job. The pinks leap off the page as Jean takes an astral form to seek out a traitor. The reds from Cyclops’ beam and jean’s outfit are very vibrant. Overall, the art is very strong in this book. Everyone who put in their time should feel good because it has paid off.

X-Men #17 is another fine chapter in the book of Hickman. His writing is addicting and you just want to see what is going to happen next. Brett Booth and the art team did a wonderful job. There may not be a more complete comic that came out this week than X-Men #17.

8.0 10


X-Men #17

X-Men #17 is another fine chapter in the book of Hickman

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